February 8, 2023


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Be a Smart Content Creator, Tips for Creating Cool Content on TikTok

Jadi Content Creator Cerdas, Tips Membuat Konten Keren di TikTok - ERA.ID

Social media has become a source of money for young people. One of the most popular social media today is TikTok. Not only used as entertainment TikTok users can also earn money from the application.

Making money on TikTok is no different than making money on Instagram or YouTube. Not to mention, TikTok users who go viral and are the most sought after, usually have an effect on other social media they have.

Not surprisingly, many TikTok users are competing to create interesting content to go viral. Various contents are displayed on TikTok into short videos that provide entertainment for the public.

Here are tips for creating cool content on TikTok so you can become famous and join the Tiktok Creator Marketplace. Check out the explanation:

1. Video seconds at the beginning

Short videos are the most liked by the public today. In addition, the video at the beginning is very important and as an angle so that the public sees the video until it runs out.

The very first moment is very influential. Make a video in the early seconds that makes the audience curious, believe me, the audience will watch until the end.

2. Consistent

If you want to be a well-known content creator, then you have to be consistent in creating content. It’s not about consistency in broadcast time, but how to make the content displayed on TikTok easily remembered by the public.

3. Choose viral background

Usually, the content will be accompanied by a backsound of songs that are finally popular because of TikTok. Some songs are the result of remixes or pieces from famous musicians. These viral songs will later accompany users in the form of lipsync, dance, and various challenges.

Create solid information in one minute. Don’t forget to find out which back sounds are popular on TikTok. There are two possibilities that the audience likes, the first is the music and the second is the person.

4. Hashtag

Don’t forget to always use hashtags and adjust them according to trending. Trending hashtag users need to stay relevant to your posts. Also, try to keep the caption short and in collaboration with relevant hashtags.

The hashtag will appear on the TikTok homepage recommendations and have an impact on followers. Hashtags have a really powerful role to play in increasing user account engagement and discovery.

5. Create educational content

During the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok has become a platform that can get rid of boredom and boredom while at home. Entertainment and comedy as well as educational content are becoming popular content on TikTok. The educational content ranges from do-it-yourself (DIY) tips, cooking, language learning, to life hacks.

“TikTok isn’t complicated. With short videos, it’s good for users to learn. Lots of interesting concepts that bring cool features. We can learn everything on TikTok and a short duration of 1 minute can immediately know what’s going on.