December 9, 2022


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Chinese CPU developer reveals new semi-custom Xeon ‘Cascade Lake’ processor

Montage Technology, a Chinese semiconductor IP company, has announced its 2nd Generation Jintide processors based on Intel’s Xeon CPU with some security-related customizations. 

The new processor features more cores than the previous-generation model and runs at a substantially higher frequency, boasting 26 cores with simultaneous multithreading technology running at up to 3.20GHz as well as integrate 35.75MB of last level cache (1.375MB per core).

The 2nd Generation Jintide CPU is based on Intel’s 2nd Generation Xeon Scalable processor featuring the Cascade Lake microarchitecture and therefore supports Intel’s deep learning (DL) boost technology (the AVX512VNNI instruction).

Semi-custom Xeons for China

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