February 8, 2023


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Configuring Your Minecraft Bedrock Server

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is a mod for Minecraft which uses the Java platform. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is the latest version of Minecraft which powers the iPhone / Android mobile versions (former Minecraft Pocket Edition) and the Xbox / PlayStation / Nintendo Switch handheld versions (former Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition). The official launch of Minecraft Bedrock Edition took place on June 30, 2021. Since then, there have been numerous updates and a few major announcements. On July 7th, Mojang took the wraps off of their new update. It is one of the biggest updates to date and introduces a brand-new gameplay element called Bedrock mode.

With the introduction of Bedrock Mode, you can experience the fun of using a crafting table and researching all over the world without having to worry about a single issue like a glitch or an outage. Minecraft Bedrock Edition has many exciting features including the overhauled crafting system. While crafting has been enhanced, recipes are now more flexible and easier to execute.

Minecraft Bedrock Server

Minecraft Bedrock Server now enables servers to be hosted on the Xbox console, PlayStation 4, Android mobile devices, and PCs. The Minecraft Bedrock Edition servers work well on Xbox consoles and PCs because these devices utilize the Java platform, which runs the majority of the operating systems on the market. Mojang is currently working on supporting the Linux and Mac operating systems but has not determined if they will ever support the Windows operating system. Due to this, it is recommended that players host their servers on a Windows-based platform.

Minecraft Bedrock Server utilizes a modified version of the Java servlet programming language, which means that any Java server software used for Minecraft Bedrock Edition utilizes the Java Servlet API to communicate with the server and other players. The most common way that servers communicate with other players is by utilizing a text-based message box, known as a Minecraft Chat. For this reason, the server properties of Minecraft Bedrock Edition must adhere to the Minecraft Chat formatting specifications. All standard Minecraft chat commands, such as /tell, /tell a friend, and /notify will work with the Minecraft Bedrock Server.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition features various world customizations, making it a highly versatile game to play. In addition to the changes that the Java edition undergoes, Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can modify many aspects of their game via a World Editor. The most popular feature of this world editor is the in-game map viewer. This viewer allows players to view their map within the game using a Nintendo Wii remote, the Wii console itself, or another player’s perspective.

Minecraft Bedrock Server allows players to play with “vanilla” versions of the game, which utilize the default game settings. However, some Minecraft Bedrock Edition players prefer to play with the latest, official version, which is available for purchase through the Minecraft Online official website. Official versions of the game feature various tweaks and upgrades to the game’s basic mechanics, and new game modes, and a wealth of customization for all players. Some of the most prominent features of the official Minecraft Bedrock Edition include:

Configuration options

An array of Minecraft Bedrock Server configuration options are available to players. The most important aspect of these options is to set the server’s IP address. It is essential to set this server’s listening address to a destination that is unreachable by other players, such as a public proxy server. For instance, if your main computer is in the office but you want to play on the internet, you can configure the Minecraft Bedrock Server to use your home’s default port instead. Furthermore, you can create and save backups of your world in case your primary computer is infected or unavailable while playing on the server.

Minecraft Bedrock Server allows you to create multiple instances of the game while using the scheduling feature. You can have multiple instances of the game running at the same time. When you create a multiplayer instance of the game, you can assign it to various players and groups. This will allow you to coordinate activities among groups of players who are located far apart. Minecraft Bedrock Edition dedicated servers have several options that allow you to create and schedule multiple instances of the game while enabling players to coordinate and share activities.