December 7, 2022


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Cubic announces new partnership and highlights its focus on sustainable solutions

Cubic announces new partnership and highlights its focus on sustainable solutions

San Diego, CA-based Cubic Transportation Techniques (Cubic) has announces a new partnership with Edmonton, AB’s IntelliTrafik, a division of ATS Visitors, to extend Cubic’s achieve throughout Canadian provinces and businesses while offering traffic management and clever transportation alternatives and prioritizing combating weather transform. 

The collaboration with IntelliTrafik will present Cubic with important interactions and a solid community source chain. IntelliTrafik’s geography-unique skills in area jurisdictions will also guide Cubic executives in navigating client engagements to provide alternatives.

Starting off this month, the two companies will collaborate to recognize chances where Cubic’s ITS methods, together with IntelliTrafik’s neighborhood expertise, can be utilized by highway authorities, municipalities, and contractors throughout Canada to increase on the highway working experience for drivers.  

“The IntelliTrafik and Cubic partnership signifies a genuinely synergetic and symbiotic go that will only benefit our Canadian clients and highway consumers,” stated Steve Ennis, executive vice president of IntelliTrafik. 

It also emphasizes Cubic’s commitment to combating local weather transform as a result of controlling traffic congestion. For case in point, Cubic’s SynchroGreen adaptive sign handle technological know-how optimizes targeted visitors indicators in real-time, centered on targeted traffic problems and surges in congestion. 

The merchandise is normally deployed in parts of high congestion these types of as an athletic stadium or a college campus. It can also be utilized in areas with frequent site visitors incidents triggered by congestion. 

“The way it’s set up is that website traffic engineers can input details, and the algorithms adapt and be certain that these alerts are going to be green for the motorists as they generate through,” reported Eric Jacques, senior supervisor of ITS product sales at Cubic Transportation Techniques.

SynchroGreen allows lower the range of car or truck stops, idle time, and all round travel time, as well as decreases carbon emissions and fuel intake.

The product or service was analyzed out in Chula Vista, CA., where roadways are inclined to major congestion from commuters driving to and from close by towns.

The city launched SynchroGreen in 3 parts with significant website traffic. A third social gathering examined circumstances before and immediately after Chula Vista deployed SynchroGreen at the intersections, concentrating on peak journey instances in both of those instructions in the early morning, midday, and evening.

In general, auto emissions this kind of as tailpipe-out, incredibly hot stabilized nitrous oxide (TNOx) and tailpipe-out, scorching stabilized carbon dioxide (TCO2) fell. Gas use declined, as did travel occasions and delays.

The research confirmed that idle instances ended up diminished by 33 per cent, and the number of stops decreased by 33 for each cent as well. All round journey moments lessened by 15 for every cent. Gas consumption was decreased by about seven per cent and carbon emissions ended up decreased by 11 per cent.

Other sustainable answers from the enterprise incorporate Transit Sign Precedence, which is application that is deployed at intersections that makes certain transit vehicles get extended inexperienced alerts.

Jacques included that the businesses are also striving to migrate commuters from their personalized motor vehicles to public transportation, a greener way to journey.  

“The way you do that is by really creating community transportation greater, more economical, to get people from place A to place B a lot quicker.”

Jacques additional that, at the UN World wide Weather Conference that transpired very last calendar year in Glasgow, Scotland, the website traffic and transportation marketplace was challenged with reducing carbon emissions by 50 for every cent by 2030. 

“That’s a sizable accomplishment, and to get there, the only way that that’s likely to happen is vendors coming up with items and answers that are superior for the environment, and municipalities, companies, contractors, having gain of these remedies.”

He claimed the transfer to autonomous cars and connected vehicle systems are also variables that are contributing to environmental stewardship. He also highlighted the importance of basic safety. 

“When you have bought safety and environmental stewardship, and if you have a motivation to both, then you’re undertaking the correct point.”