February 1, 2023


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Why Should We Buy the iPhone 12? What are the advantages?

The importance of Smartphones today is like a daily necessity that cannot be separated from our daily life or activities. As we know that almost all people in the world use smartphones. Whether it’s a means of communication, a means of digging up information in cyberspace, or as a means of doing business.

Smartphones that are widely circulating in the global smartphone market are of course very many with various brands, prices, and specifications. However, the best smartphone recommendation is still occupied by Apple with its newest smartphone product, the iPhone 12 series. iPhone 12 offers released in the global smartphone market have caught the attention of smartphone lovers. The technology and interesting features that the iPhone 12 has to offer this time is quite a lot of enthusiasts. One of the things that underlie smartphone lovers to glance at and deserve to make their choice on the iPhone 12 is because the design and screen are unique, elegant, simple, and attractive.

Apart from the technology and systems, the iPhone 12 design and screen are quite a significant improvement. How could it not be, when its predecessors only used an IPS LCD screen, while its successors used OLED. The difference is clear,

Thanks to Dolby Vision HDR support, the color reproduction and contrast ratio are excellent. The diagonal of the iPhone 12 screen is still 6.1 inches, but the resolution is 2532 x 1170 pixels. Presenting sharp and clear images and can be seen at all angles. The bezel is thinner, the better it is.

Apple coated the screen with a ceramic shield which is claimed to be 4x stronger than the protective glass on the market today. But remember stickers, anything glass can break. There is nothing wrong with sticking to the tempered glass to further protect it. One more thing that makes an impression when enjoying entertainment on the iPhone 12 is the speakers. Even though they both carry stereo speakers, the sound production is much louder than the iPhone 11. This will spoil our ears.