December 7, 2022


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Arduino hearing test device overview

DIY Arduino Hearing Test Device

Listening to decline is a prevalent issue for quite a few – specifically those who may have attended much too many loud concerts in their youth. [mircemk] had lately been for a listening to test, and found that the procedure was essentially quite easy. Armed with this expertise, he made the decision to construct his individual examination method and document it for others to use.

audiogram showing the results of the arduino hearing test device
Resultant audiogram from the machine displaying every single ear in a distinct colour

By using an Arduino to generate tones of different stepped frequencies, and little by little expanding the volume till the check matter can detect the tone, it is feasible to plot an audiogram of listening to threshold sensitivity.  Screening each individual ear individually permits a comparison involving just one side and the other.

[mircemk] has built a awesome miniature cabinet that retains an 8×8 matrix of WS2812 addressable RGB LEDs.  A 128×64 pixel OLED exhibit provides user directions, and a rotary encoder with thrust-button serves as the consumer input.

Of system, this is not a calibrated specialist piece of test machines, and a ton will count on the high-quality of the earpiece applied.  Nevertheless, as a way to look at for gross hearing challenges, and as an attention-grabbing experiment, it retains a whole lot of promise.

There is even an extension, together with a Class D audio amplifier, that allows the use of bone-conduction earpieces to help slim down the result in of listening to decline even more.

There is some additional data on bone conduction right here, and we’ve covered an intriguing optical stimulation cochlear implant, way too.