February 8, 2023


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GPS Fleet Tracking – complete visibility and control over their connected workforce

If you’re looking for a real-time GPS fleet tracking solution, CompassCom is your company. The real-time tracking system will save you time and money, whether you need to keep track of your vehicles, improve driver safety, or lower costs. GPS fleet tracking solutions include dashboard cameras and driver scorecards to get a clearer picture of your drivers’ behaviors. With these insights, you can address reckless driving before it causes a serious accident. And, because it’s a SaaS solution, you’ll be able to reduce costs.

CompassCom‘s mission is to empower companies with complete visibility and control over their connected workforce. Its innovative telematics solutions are based on Esri ArcGIS and configurable to meet individual workflow needs. Its COTS telematics solutions enable IT security and real-time GPS tracking of devices and can support multiple departments. And it can support a variety of mobile devices, including smartphones, GPS-enabled devices, and other mobile communication technologies.

It offers real-time GPS tracking.

GPS fleet tracking software can help businesses monitor fleets, maintain vehicle health, and optimize operations. This technology also assists in state and federal compliance and can improve driver safety. GPS fleet tracking solutions are typically used in construction, transportation, agriculture, and retail industries. A monthly fee is charged for using the software. Some GPS fleet tracking software also includes reporting features and alerts. If you’re interested in learning more about this technology, contact CompassCom today.

CompassCom provides software and hardware for installation, depending on your fleet’s needs. FleetUp offers a live demonstration platform and can customize the system for your specific needs. In addition to providing real-time GPS fleet tracking, the service also offers a variety of devices for easy installation and configuration. The website also details the entire process of device installation, account setup, and training.

It is a SaaS solution.

If you’re looking for a real-time GPS fleet tracking solution, you’ve come to the right place. CompassCom offers a SaaS solution for fleet tracking with real-time telematics and analytics. You can manage your fleets from the comfort of your office or mobile devices. The SaaS solution is highly customizable and can support workflows for multiple departments and individual users. CompassCom’s powerful GIS technology leverages Esri ArcGIS to deliver a high-quality, data-driven solution.

CompassCom’s MRM solution enables clients to access ArcGIS map data from the field or office. It also supports mobile device tracking through the CompassTrac App, ensuring productivity regardless of the device. With its Esri GeoEvent Server connector, CompassCom offers custom workflow development in ArcGIS Enterprise. It’s important to consider these features when choosing a real-time GPS fleet tracking solution.

It reduces costs

Businesses often need to manage their fleet to ensure efficiency, lower operating costs and comply with regulations. GPS fleet tracking solutions can help them do all these things while also providing a range of new capabilities and improving routing efficiency. While the costs of fleet tracking solutions can be prohibitive, they can yield substantial ROI with the right investment. Read on to discover how GPS fleet tracking can help you cut costs while improving driver performance and customer relations.

The initial cost of GPS fleet tracking solutions is hefty, with the hardware required upfront and subscription fees each month. However, many tracking solutions offer tiered plans that allow for significant savings if only a small fleet needs the service. You can find telematics solutions at an affordable price with the right budget. Consider contract lengths, minimum vehicles, and free trials before deciding. These considerations will help you find a telematics solution that meets your needs and fits your budget.

It increases security

As the number of sensitive data businesses collects increases, security becomes increasingly important. That’s why GPS fleet tracking solutions must have improved security. Look for features that increase security, such as driver safety tracking, fuel card integration, vehicle maintenance tracking, and dashboards with trending key metrics. Some of the best GPS fleet tracking systems include alert systems and mobile access. It will allow you to stay informed about your fleet’s location.

CompassCom’s COTS telematics deliver real-time location data to help enhance situational awareness and productivity. These solutions are interoperable with land mobile radios and broadband cellular technologies to be deployed quickly without internal IT department cycles. In addition, they can be sustainable operations. And with CompassCom’s COTS telematics, organizations can deploy these solutions quickly without the need for development or maintenance.