February 7, 2023


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How context marketing can benefit small business and entrepreneurs

Context marketing is using the background, as opposed to the focal-foreground, to influence the perception of the viewer in determining what’s in the foreground.

According to market authority Aleph Website, Context Marketing is valuable for small business owners and entrepreneurs and can help them leverage small details to increase conversions online and more! 

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1. Framing

Framing is setting up the scene is such a way that the reader perceives the benefit without actually having won anything. An example would be:

“This pork meat is 90% lean” vs. “This pork meat is 10% fat”

Clearly 90% lean is much better than 10% fat. Although, it is the very same thing. However, just because we framed it differently, it affects the viewer and they seem to believe that the meat is actually healthy.

2. Anchoring

By deliberately setting consumer expectations where you want them. You can then convince them that that is what they should expect. Then when you reveal the actual price, it being less than what they expect, they seem to positively react. 

This is also known as ‘Anchoring bias.’

3. Priming

The Priming effect is about using external stimuli, such as Sound, Image, Music, Words, Scent, etc. to influence the perception of the consumer and activate the mental projection that corresponds with this stimuli. The consumer, then affected by this stimuli, proceeds for a while projecting thoughts out of the mental mindset activated.

This influences emotions most commonly.

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