February 1, 2023


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How to create a QR code for business cards

Business card QR codes or vCards are the best alternative for easily ignored and outdated paper business cards.

QR codes on business cards simply win across the board. They reach more people, it’s attractive and engaging when networking, and QR codes pack more information about the person and company. And what can we say, they’re just quite unique.

These vCards really do the job, plus a lot more.

It’s so easy to create a QR code for your business cards, you’d wonder why you hadn’t done this a long time ago. Just follow the steps below.

  • Click the vCard option on your preferred free QR code generator online.
  • Enter the complete details of your business card
  • Feel free to customize the appearance of your vCard QR code so it looks on-brand
  • Test your QR code.
    • If you’re using a PDF QR code to show more details about your company, make sure it’s working before giving your QR code business cards away.
  • Download and add the QR code to your business card template

Of course, if you prefer to make QR codes in bulk, you have the bulk QR code option so you’ll easily print these out for mass production.

Remember that these dynamic QR codes allow you to update the file embedded on the QR code anytime. You won’t need to reprint each QR code for every company update.

This saves you a lot of time and money.

Think about how many stacked business cards are thrown away each year because they’re no longer updated, or the aesthetics don’t match the company branding anymore?

QR code business cards are simply your best option.

If you want to be sure your business cards don’t go out of date, you can just add a minimalist design showing your name and contact number, then let the QR code on your business card tell the entire story.

It’s easily updated, and you won’t have to reprint it for every company update.

Business card checklist

  • Job Title 
  • Name of the company or organization
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website 
  • Office address (street, city, zipcode)
  • State, country, profile picture
  • Personal description 
  • Social media accounts and more!

More Benefits of using vCard QR codes

QR code scans tracking

To see how effective your QR code business card is, you can easily monitor all the times it’s been scanned.

They’re even sorted out in real-time by location of scan, time of scan, and the number of scans. 

Make sure you choose a reliable QR code generator with logo online to help you see this campaign through.

Redirects to online resume or portfolio

Of course, if you’re a creative, nothing beats a QR code business card that automatically leads people to your resume or portfolio.

No more boring introductions. Be as creative as you want in leading people into scanning the QR code on your business card. It’s all up to you!

Easy-to-save contact details

With just one scan and a tap, users can easily save your contact details on their phones.

No more cumbersome or hurried exchange of contact details during busy networking conferences.

Just give them your business card QR code, and you’re sure they won’t misplace your phone number and email address. It’s already on their phones.

Post on your business counter

Don’t limit yourself to just networking and other out-of-office encounters. You can definitely share your vCard QR code right on your business reception counter.

One recent initiative is India’s mobile eCommerce website Paytm starting Photo QRs for their merchant’s stores. This shows the photo of the owner, shop name, and phone number. It adds more credibility to the business, and lets people know who to contact if they need anything in the future.

You can do the same by showing the business owner’s photo email address, and other contact details. The QR code could then redirect to the website link, reservation page, or payment page.

The possibilities are endless with QR codes. These are just the biggest examples of QR codes for business cards.

Ultimately, its effectiveness will depend on your creativity and initiative to reach more people with your campaigns and networking opportunities.