How To Choose The Right Digital Adoption Platform | SmallBizClub

Digital Adoption Platforms are changing the way businesses train employees and customers today. But choosing the right DAP be quite complicated. There’s a myriad of digital adoption solutions available in the market that cater to enterprises of different sizes. To make you search easier, this guide lists the key features you should look out for in a Digital Adoption Platform software.

In-App Learning:

Enterprise applications are inherently complex. it includes multiple features that are meant to ease or resolve various business problems. traditional training sessions wouldn’t suffice when you want to get familiarised with these complex applications. Other approaches like guides and user manuals are time consuming too.

A good DAP can resolve these problems altogether. It provides all the essential information you need within the app. In-app content such as product tours, smart tips, and interactive walk-throughs will keep you focused and ease your learning process.

Self Help on Demand:

A good DAP should not only make onboarding easy and engaging, but also have the ability to deliver on-demand support to the users. If you run into issues or need more help with anything relating to the software, a DAP should offer an in-app support system that can help with the same. This saves you tons of time and frustration down the line.

User Data and Analytics:

DAPs can keep track of user interactions on the platform. By looking into the analytics, you will get to know what features they use the most, or which learning content has been more helpful to them. With this data, your organisation can make the necessary changes to improve onboarding and training. Simply put, a good DAP should tell you how well the users are interacting with the in-app experience you offer.

No-Code, Easy Content Creation:

Creating content should be as easy as consuming it, and this is exactly what digital adoption solutions should be all about. A robust DAP will provide no-code tools that can help you create in-app learning content in a jiffy. If you are a content creator, make sure the interface is intuitive before you choose a DAP. After all, one should be able to publish the content without relying heavily on technical resources.

User Feedback and Surveys:

Getting feedback is important. Running feedback surveys offers the opportunity to your employees and customers to share their opinions about the onboarding/learning experience. Good DAPs can collect this feedback from the end-users for you within the application.

Privacy and Security:

As digital adoption tools are used alongside other enterprise applications, it could have access to sensitive information about your organisation. That’s why you should choose a platform that have stringent data security policies in place. Make sure the provider has all the necessary certifications or accreditations which highlight that they conform to the highest security and confidentiality practices.

Having a reliable DAP is key when you want to simplify your onboarding process. Get in touch with the experts if you have any questions.