February 1, 2023


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MilesWeb Review: Get a High-Performing Dedicated Server

Are you planning to switch to a dedicated web hosting platform? It’s probably a wise decision you are going to take. If you are the one who needs high performance, security and features for your high-demanding website, then dedicated server hosting is an ideal option for you. 

Here I would like to introduce you to the best-dedicated hosting provider, MilesWeb. They offer a rock-solid, budget-friendly and cheap dedicated server hosting. 

Let’s get to know about their dedicated hosting in detail from the below review. 

Know About MilesWeb 

MilesWeb is a famous web hosting company that started in the year 2012. MilesWeb offers a broad spectrum of web hosting services to individual, small and medium-sized businesses. They aim to meet the requirement of every user by offering a best-in-class web hosting services such as Shared, WordPress, Reseller hosting. MilesWeb has a global presence with 30,000+ customers around the globe. Customers trust them for providing reliable hosting services and 24/7 excellent support. 

What is Dedicated Server Hosting? 

In dedicated server hosting, a physical structure is dedicated entirely to your website. Using a dedicated server can create stability and an excess in the technical part. A dedicated server is an expensive hosting option. For big projects with a high demand for resources, choosing a dedicated server is an ideal choice. 

The dedicated server is physical hardware that needs a larger environment with a highly robust infrastructure, and hiring a new server becomes difficult. Dedicated server hosting is the newest form of web hosting. Many users outgrow their web hosting platforms like shared hosting, VPS hosting and switch to a dedicated server. 

One of the main reasons you need to switch to a dedicated hosting platform is high-traffic websites that demand more CPU, memory and bandwidth. As the requirements of resources increases, the software and hardware resources also need to grow with it. 

Bare Metal Dedicated Server

Whether you have a small or medium-sized business, a bare metal server is an easy-going choice. Bare metal servers are flexible and cost-effective. Thus, you can customize the server according to your requirements. It is an ideal option for handling critical loads of websites or applications. These servers can scale up all the allocated resources efficiently and fast.

Aside from speed and cost, the dedicated hosting platform ensures a good level of security for your website or application. 

MilesWeb Bare-Metal Dedicated Server Plans 

The good news is that MilesWeb gives you a wide range of options from which you can choose that best suits your requirements and budget. 

Also, if you have any custom requirements, you can contact their sales team for such custom requirements.

The dedicated server hosting plans of MilesWeb are shown in the below image: 

C:\Users\Hp\Downloads\Bare Metal Dedicated Servers.png

Their dedicated server hosting plans are on the latest generation of Intel CPU processors. 

  • RAM ranges from 8GB to 256GB 
  • Storage ranges from 1TB SAS to 4×1.2TB SAS
  • Bandwidth ranges from 1TB to 5TB 
  • Intel CPU cores- 4 to 40

And with all the dedicated server hosting plans, you get one dedicated IP. 

What features do you get with MilesWeb’s Dedicated Server Hosting? 

Below are the features you get with MilesWeb’s dedicated server hosting. 

Full Server Control 

With the dedicated server hosting of MilesWeb, you get a fully isolated environment with full control, security and high flexibility for your high-end website or application. You can modify the server the way you want and install any web application of your choice. Also, you will have zero restrictions on the number of websites you want to host. Full root SSH/RDP access is given to each client with its dedicated server hosting.  

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

MilesWeb guarantees reliability and satisfaction with its Service Level Agreement of 99.99%. It is the greatest in the industry. 

The expert engineers monitor the server conditions, performance fluctuations and give quick responses to your technical issues or queries. 

Mumbai Based Data Center Location

You get to host your dedicated servers in India, which is the financial capital of India. MilesWeb houses powerful and fastest bare metal servers for its dedicated server hosting. The Mumbai-based data center is right for large-scale businesses that have their targeted audience in Mumbai. 

Choice of Control Panel 

The management of your server is easy with the wide range of control panels available. MilesWeb gives you a range of control panels like cPanel, Plesk and Webuzo. 

If you pick CentOs for your dedicated server then you can go with cPanel. Plesk for CentOs, Debian, Ubuntu operating systems while Webuzo is perfect for CentOS and Ubuntu.

Choice of Operating Systems 

You can opt MilesWeb’s dedicated server to install from a range of operating systems that you can choose from like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and Windows OS. 

SSH Root Access 

MilesWeb gives root access with each dedicated server hosting plan. They give you full control and freedom to install the applications that you want to on your server.


MilesWeb offers affordable dedicated server hosting services. A dedicated server is the best option for hosting your high-demanding website/application. Sign-up for the dedicated hosting plans of MilesWeb and take your heavy resource website to new heights.