Tesonet was founded in 2008. From day one, the company had been developing all kinds of more and less successful projects: from computer games to web hosting solutions. Now Tesonet is one of the biggest tech accelerators in the Baltics. It incubates and invests in internet and technology companies globally, provides operational support, and helps to build market-leading companies. 

Tesonet and us as individuals have invested in and helped grow over 50 different projects and ventures, including web hosting provider Hostinger, gaming platform Eneba, proxy infrastructure provider Oxylabs, and others. All of these companies are mature, independent and operate completely on their own. We also provided ProtonVPN with operational and HR support when they decided to open an office in Vilnius.

Contrary to all the myths and rumors, operations by different services have never been related to each other. The only common resources are the centralized HR and legal teams. We have strictly relied on this philosophy from the beginning in order to avoid any possible conflict of interest. 

NordVPN was one of the first major projects we took part in, and we’ve been working closely with its development from the earliest days. Incorporated in Panama, NordVPN provides all-around security and privacy protection to its customers and over the years became the leading VPN service in the world. 

At first, a decision was made to keep Nord’s corporate structure private — back then, we didn’t have enough resources and legal muscle power to deal with all kinds of scenarios that might occur when you run a no-logs VPN service. However, the industrial landscape has changed, we have grown a lot, more and more new VPN services have emerged, so transparency became more important than ever. It became clear that, as market leaders, we must cherish a trust-based relationship with our customers and be open about who we are and how we operate. That was one of the reasons why NordSec was created. 

NordSec is an umbrella name for all Nord family services. It is an independent, global, security- and privacy-focused organization with offices and operations in the United Kingdom, Cyprus, the USA, Lithuania, Switzerland, and Panama. NordSec is the place where advanced security solutions that share the Nord brand, values, and goals are built.

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