February 1, 2023


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Why a Mobile Phone is Essential These Days

Mobile phone is gaining popularity faster than any celebrity. Everyday, a new phone is introduced to the market place. From Nokia to Samsung and even LG, there is a wide range of phones to choose from.
The reasons why people need a mobile phone these days:
1. For calling and text messaging
Yes, we need a phone to call someone or to send a text message. A call is probably the best way to communicate with someone but text messages would be an alternative to relay the same message when we cannot talk. Sometimes, it might be because sending a text message is cheaper than a call. Therefore, people prefer to send a text rather than making a call.
These three features have the same function although HSDPA is the most advanced of all. We need either one of these features to get connected to the internet on mobile phone. Yes, surfing the internet is one of the reasons why people want to have a hand phone. We go online on phone to check emails, read blogs and catch up with family and friends through social networks.
3. Time killer
Surely you have seen mobile phones with games in it. This is a major attraction because people prefer to play a game or two while waiting for bus, waiting in line, waiting for someone, or simply because they are bored. Teenagers would find this more attractive than adults.
4. The desire to have the most sought after gadget
Let us face the truth, we all want something oppo a5 price that everyone else has. If someone has an iPhone, we want to have an iPhone. How hard it is to admit that we will not let someone else to beat us to it, when it comes to buying the latest gadget especially mobile phones. Surely you want to be able to say, “My Blackberry is really useful as I check emails often.”
5. USB Modem
Some people need a phone because of all the reasons above and because they also need to have a modem for connecting to the internet on laptop or PC. Yes, most of the advanced mobile phones have the ability to act as a modem. Mobile broadband is what they call it. Save more money when you sign up for a mobile broadband plan complete with the gadget you want.
6. MP3 player, alarm clock and timer
People also like to have a gadget that can combines all of these features into one. What would be better than a convenient hand phone? With the ability to play songs in MP3 format, teenagers can listen to songs whenever they want, turn it on real loud to have a party and even listen to the radio. The conventional alarm clock and timer are also being passed over in favour of a tool that has alarm clock and timer all together.
Surely different individuals have their own reasons as to why they need a mobile phone. Some people need more than one for different purposes. Whatever reason it is, hopefully your reason is worth it.