UAE is a country full of luxurious and serene landscapes waiting to be explored. It presents a perfect mix of modern and traditional tourist scenes with its iconic contemporary architecture, rich culture, and heritage.

So whether you are planning a business trip to Dubai or a vacation with friends at Atlantis the Palm, staying connected is essential. 

With our 5GB eSIM UAE, you can enjoy seamless connectivity throughout the UAE, ensuring you never miss a beat.

  • Why Choose Our 5GB eSIM for the UAE?


Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with physical SIM cards.

Our eSIM is easy to activate and ready to use, offering unparalleled convenience as soon as you land in the UAE.

Extensive Coverage: 

Our eSIM provides extensive coverage across the UAE, ensuring you stay connected even in remote areas, whether exploring bustling cities or venturing into the tranquil desert.

Local Number: 

Get a local UAE number with our eSIM, making it easier for you to stay in touch with friends, family, and local contacts during your stay.

High-Speed Data: 

Get 5GB of high-speed data, browse the web, stream videos, and share your travel pictures on social media without worrying about data limits.


Our eSIM is compatible with various devices, such as smartphones and tablets. It makes it a versatile option for all your connected devices. No more international roaming charges!

Explore Major Locations in the UAE

  • Dubai :

How can one complete their UAE trip by missing this jewel of a city? Explore all the architectural wonders and infrastructural marvels in the heart of UAE. Explore the luxury surrounding the Burj Khalifa. 

  • Abu Dhabi:

The capital city of Abu Dhabi is steeped in culture and tradition. Capture jaw-dropping views at the stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, explore the Louvre Abu Dhabi, and indulge in a desert safari for an authentic Arabian adventure.

  • Fujairah: 

Fujairah is nestled between the Hajar Mountains and the Gulf of Oman and offers breathtaking natural beauty.

Enjoy the pristine beaches, snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters, and explore the ancient Fujairah Fort.

  • Sharjah

This cultural capital of UAE houses one of the largest art exhibitions. It showcases the craft of traditional artisans and a peek into Emirati culture.

  • Stay Connected, Stay Informed

Our 5GB eSIM lets you stay connected and informed throughout your UAE adventure.

  • How to Get Our 5GB eSIM?

Getting our 5GB eSIM is simple. Click here and follow the easy steps to activate your eSIM before your trip to the UAE. Once activated, you’ll enjoy seamless connectivity as soon as you land.

Mobimatter: Your Trusted Partner

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Travelling to the UAE is a journey of discovery, and with our 5GB eSIM, you can unlock the full potential of your adventure. Stay connected in the UAE, and activate your 5GB eSIM for seamless connectivity and unforgettable experiences.